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BASIC MAN provides curated recommendations for mens essentials — avoid supermarket-aisle research. What does modern menscare entail? Will this cleanser really work? Do I need a $35 eye cream? Why do my razors only last a few weeks? Putty, pomade, or wax?

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Additionally, click on the products below for more information on why we chose each one and information about what it does and how to use it.


Hair basics like shampoo and conditioner help clean and protect your hair. To define your personal look, choose a pomade, putty, or wax.

Wax photo


$21  ─ 
Shampoo photo


$9  ─ 
Conditioner photo


$11  ─ 
Pomade photo


$20  ─ 
Putty photo


$21  ─ 
Brush photo


$11  ─ 
Comb photo


$11  ─ 
Hair Trimmer photo

Hair Trimmer

$15  ─ 


Regardless of your personal beard preferences, here are a variety of essentials to care for your facial hair. If you prefer a clean-shaven look, be sure to check out a safety razor for an upgrade from a cartridge razor. Men who do grow and style their beards can also benefit from a safety razor to define a clean edge between beard and cheek. Additionally, a beard trimmer can be indispensable for maintaining a uniform length and fading into the neck.

You also have another choice: shaving soap or shaving cream. Shaving soap provides a luxurious lather that conditions skin and does not leave an overpowering scent. Shaving cream is more convenient and easier to produce a lather. You should avoid shaving gel or aerosolized products as they are prone to create air pockets, leading to nicks and cuts.

Beard oil also helps keep your facial healthy and nourished. Be sure to check out our style section as well for aftershave.

Safety Razor photo

Safety Razor

$25  ─ 
Razor Blades photo

Razor Blades

$17  ─ 
Razor Stand photo

Razor Stand

$17  ─ 
Shaving Soap photo

Shaving Soap

$26  ─ 
Shaving Brush photo

Shaving Brush

$10  ─ 
Shaving Mug photo

Shaving Mug

$30  ─ 
Shaving Cream photo

Shaving Cream

$12  ─ 
Beard Oil photo

Beard Oil

$20  ─ 
Beard Trimmer photo

Beard Trimmer

$50  ─ 


Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and as such it should be treated with care. Below are several products that will clean, moisturize, and protect your skin and guard against the damage of aging.

Exfoliating Scrub photo

Exfoliating Scrub

$17  ─ 
Cleanser photo


$24  ─ 
Moisturizer photo


$24  ─ 
Eye Cream photo

Eye Cream

$13  ─ 
sunscreen photo


$11  ─ 
Body Wash photo

Body Wash

$13  ─ 
Washcloth photo


$10  ─ 
Nail Clippers photo

Nail Clippers

$9  ─ 


Proper care of your mouth and teeth is essential for your long-term health in addition to how others perceive you.

Toothbrush photo


$10  ─ 
Toothpaste photo


$14  ─ 
Mouthwash photo


$15  ─ 


These items help define your personal style and the way you are perceived by others, from cologne to fashion accessories.

Deodorant photo


$16  ─ 
Cologne photo


$40  ─ 
Aftershave photo


$16  ─ 
Dopp Kit photo

Dopp Kit

$27  ─ 
Watch photo


$90  ─ 
Messenger Bag photo

Messenger Bag

$36  ─ 


Looking to branch out beyond essentials? Here are several books (and a pack of playing cards) in a variety of topics. From food, wine, and cocktails, to photography, repair, and mindfulness, these skills aren't necessarily male-only, but there is something especially stylish and attractive about a well-educated man.

Also, check out Manmade, a guide to mens skincare and grooming that pairs well with the essentials above.

Photography photo


$11  ─ 
Cookbook photo


$10  ─ 
Wine photo


$15  ─ 
Cocktails photo


$15  ─ 
Mindfulness photo


$15  ─ 
Grooming photo


$20  ─ 
Repair photo


$11  ─ 
Playing Cards photo

Playing Cards

$12  ─ 
Card Games photo

Card Games

$16  ─